Asked copilot to "connect SPI between U1 and U2".
U1 = Adafruit_KB2040, 2aad9dec-c30b-4048-82c7-9c1577625bda
U2 = 0472192001, d139f6d1-489d-4cbd-a87a-9fcffa1a69fa
U2's description is "Molex 8 Position Micro SD Card Connector Secure Digital - microSD™ Surface Mount, Right Angle Gold #sdcard #commonpartslibrary #connector"
Copilot stated it didn't know what to do and instead guessed which pins would be used for SPI and ultimately picked the wrong ones. I used a second prompt of "connect the SD card (U2) to U1" and then it worked. But I would have expected the original prompt to be sufficient since both parts were well-documented library parts with descriptions and datasheets.